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damn those those popular people.

so yea i didnt win one of the positions for vp. whatever i guess. im just so effing sick of the popular people winning. i think that its pretty sad that neither jackie or me won. we both got told by a lotttt of ppl they voted for us. but whatever. congrats to those who did win i guess. and congrats to jesse my love who won president !!!! now i hafta go again and run for rep. this is so annoying. and the more i talk about it it gets more and more annoying and depressing. yes i know ill get over it. but im just gna let myself believe what i want right now. nothing ever works out for me does it ? im starting to get sick of this reoccuring pattern. at least i made it to primaries. and at least i spoke in front of a lot of ppl. it truly takes guts. and im proud of myself for making it this far. i feel really bad my parents put in a lot of effort for this and i didnt win. oh well. i am running again next year no doubt about that. i really want to change the way things are. im sick of this whole popularity thing. i mean come on, we need some effing minorities ! well there is shivi, but come on. but anyways. damn mrs. boswell for having her students go on a field trip all day, not allowing them to vote, damn the non-voters, and damn those who forgot. okay okay, im sorry. i just need to get this all out. im glad that ppl are saying that i deserved it though, because even though this may sound obnoxious, i feel like i did too. i have done more than some ppl who won, but whatever. and i also thank those who did vote for me/upperclassmen who wouldve voted for me if they were a frosh. life just sucks sometimes. but hey, what can you do.
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