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so. its been a year since i last updated. haha. i really love spending hours reading old entries, they are so amusing. i think ive had this journal since like 7th grade? thats crazy.

so much can happen in a year. i cant believe im already a second semester freshman at pitt. being in college is so different than high school. i love it, but at the same time i feel like i hate it. the work is difficult but has made me work harder than ever before which, ultimately, is good. except for the fact that i am procrastinating writing a paper on Mary Lousie Pratt's idea of the contact zone and autoethnography and even though i have my arguement, which is authority vs. counterculture in Jonathon Larson's rock opera RENT, i just cant seem to start it!

2008 was probably the best year of my life. senior year was absolutely amazing, even though it was the most stressful. graduating was exhilarating, and my 18th birthday/grad party was so much fun.

i love my friends. im going to repeat, I LOVE MY FRIENDS. the ones from home. they are the most amazing group of people and i am so lucky to have them. college has made me realize that i need to be more thankful for what i have and not to take things/people for granted. by listening to my pitt friends' stories about their home friends made me realize that not all friendships are as drama-free and fun as mine. i always thought true friends are people who you never fight with, who you can do absolutely nothing with and still have fun, trust, and who are always accepting of you and those around you. thats how i can describe my friends, and i am truly blessed.

i also love love love my family. i miss them so much, especially while i have to deal with stupid bullshit drama and the immaturity of those around me. they always let me know how proud they are of me, and they are always understanding. my mom and dad know that i try my hardest in everything i do, and when things dont work out, they are still always there for me. i also miss my brother and constantly pray for him. i only wish the best for him and for him to succeed, because he deserves it. i miss my extended family too, and joking with them and just hanging out. theyre the best.

i actually miss dancing. i didnt think i was gonna dance when i came to pitt and didnt even bring my dance shoes, but within a week i had my parents fed-ex them to me. PDE is a great organization and im so glad i am in it. its nice to channel my energy towards that and the people are fabulous!

i dont know why i decided to post. its probably very incoherent considering it is 3:43am.

ive been triyng ot see kings of leon in concert for the past 5 years of my life and finally, they are coming to pittsburgh while i am here, but i have a bio final the next day which means no. i wanted to go see them in philly but they came the wknd before thanksgiving and there was no point in me coming home. they are coming back to philly the saturday i get home from pitt for the summer. i am really going to try and see them.

okay, enough. no is going to read this anyway..
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